About Perak

Perak is the second largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. When you get to its capital city Ipoh, you will find many of its British colonial landmarks such as the baroque railway station among many others. With lots of things to see in Perak, it remains one of the most popular destinations for domestic and international tourists as well as business persons from across the world.

Attractions in Perak

When you land into this manufacturing state, which used to be a commercial area for tin, you might not know where to start given that it has overwhelming number of attractions. Here is a list of just but a few of them that you can’t afford to miss.

Taiping Lake Gardens

Built with landscape and ambience in mind, Taiping Lake Gardens is not only among the most beautiful, but also among the oldest lake gardens in the greater Malaysia. You won’t get enough of this big lake with beautiful paths that are draped in festoons of ever flowering plants and the beautiful trees. Be sure to look for the Taiping zoo that’s located here and find out how good it feels to interact with animals.

Temenggor Lake

A visit to Perak is never complete without a visit to Temenggor, which is among the most beautiful and largest manmade lakes that you will find in Malaysia. It actually covers 15,200 hectares and it’s the best place to be for outdoor recreation. If you think you are so hard to get impressed, and then try to take a look at the streams and rivers that flow into this lake to find out whether the panoramic beauty and the fish will not make you happy.

Belum Forest Reserve

Who said that you cannot find a natural rainforest that is practically untouched? Well, if you doubt, then you should come and see Belum Forest Reserve, which is home to a wealth of wildlife. To uncover its natural beauty, you should look for a tour operator who will offer you a trip to this amazing place that is hidden in the rare north of Lake Temenggor.

Sam Poh Tong Temple

The temple, which is one of the biggest tourist attraction sites, is located just 5km south of Ipoh in the Gunung Rapat within a huge limestone cavern. Several statues adorn the cavern, standing together with natural stalactite as well as stalagmite formations. If you are a vegetarian, then this is the place to be because the vegetarian restaurant that is found here is one of the best. Look out for the tortoise pond and a beautiful well.

Bukit Larut

If the heat below bores you, you can climb the Bukit Larut, which is a pleasing hill situated at 1,035 meters above sea level, where you will find cool and refreshing weather. When you are at the hilltop forest, you will not be able to help but fall in love with the wonderful vegetation and wildlife. It is the place where you will find the Malaysia’s oldest hill resort and the services here are nothing less than fantastic.

Even though there are other uncountable attractions in Perak, it’s not practically possible for us to highlight all of them here. All you need to do is look out for more when you arrive. You can also visit Perak Tourism Malaysia Website for more detail.