About Sabah

Sabah is a state in Malaysia, but it is situated on the island of Borneo. It is home to Mt. Kinabalu, which is the highest peak on the island. This mountain has very beautiful and distinctive diamond spikes at its crown. Sabah is also known for its rainforests, coral reefs and beautiful wildlife within parks and reserves. It offers very many attractions for the domestic as well as international tourists.

Some of these areas are highlighted below:

Maliu Basin

This is a highly protected conservation area and has the best rainforest that Sabah has to offer and is commonly known as the lost world of Sabah. It offers great areas and trails for hiking and the serene nature there is just so spectacular. The lovely view and the green backdrops will give you a good background to shoot photographs.

Danum Valley Conservation Area

This is one of the highlighted nature and wildlife places in Sabah. It has the only luxury resort in the middle of the rainforest. The journey to the conservation area lasts about three or four hours and it is quite interesting as one passes through the rainforest spotting a variety of wildlife, flora and birdlife. If you love nature, this is the place to be.

Mabul Island

This is an island on the east coast of Sabah. It offers accommodation of all types from luxury lodges, guesthouses and the unique oilrig dive resort not to mention but a few. Mabul Island is one of the top three dive sites in the world. The attractions include lodges and resorts that are built over the water. The luxurious water bungalows give you the feeling of living in a floating house. The island is quite small as you can walk across it in 20 minutes from end to end. The locals of Sabah are quite hospitable and they will make you feel right at home. This is an ideal place if one loves the sea.


This is a nature city that boasts of the best wildlife in the whole of Malaysia. One can cruise through the Kinabatangan River and take nature walks to spot as much wildlife as possible. The adventure is quite amazing for nature lovers.

Kinabalu Park

This is one of the most common sightseeing places in Sabah. The weather is quite cool and the nature is serene and spectacular. In Kinabalu Park, there are short trails that you can trek along to view the wide variety of wildlife that the park has to offer. From here, you can also view Mt. Kinabalu and take photos as well. The Kinabalu Park Museum is found right at the entrance of the park. The museum has very interesting facts and information about flora and fauna. Bird watching is also a popular activity at the park making the visit even more exciting and adventurous.

There … you can see just why you should visit the state of Sabah. It has great places to visit which will leave you to want to come back again. It may not be possible to see everything on one getaway, but you will enjoy going back another time.