About Sarawak

Sarawak, also known as Bumi Kenyalang (the land of hornbills) is one of the two Malaysia states on the island of Borneo, the other one being Sabah. It is a biodiversity hotspot with a wealth of forests, mountains, beaches, wildlife and caves as its main points of attraction. There are some places that you must visit when you go to Sawarak.

These places are highlighted below:

Kuching city highlights walks

Kuching means cat. This is an interesting colorful city with a very interesting historical background. The buildings show an old architecture and they include the museums, the cat statues, the Chinese temples and colonial buildings as well.

Wildlife sanctuaries

There are numerous parks and reserves in Sarawak which are home to rare and threatened animal and plant species. This spectacular nature is very refreshing for you especially if you are from the city and for those who love nature; these parks are the ideal place to visit.

Sarawak Cultural Village

This village is the center of the Sarawakian culture. This place offers you a place where you can learn and know the culture of different ethnic people and experience their way of life, well, almost firsthand. Sarawak cultural village offers you this great exciting moment to know about the way they conduct themselves, their mode of dressing, their traditions, dance and homes. This exposes one to an exciting experience of a whole new culture. The village is also hosts the Rainforest World Music Festival in some years.

Topspot Seafood

This topspot is known for serving the most affordable and delicious Sawarakian delicacies. The food is fresh and it will leave you salivating for more. Seafood lovers are definitely well catered for. Moreover, who would want to go back home without having a taste of the best Sawarakian delicacies?


The island has several beaches that one can visit to have a feeling of the soft sand and have a swim in the warm clean waters. The weather is perfect for a holiday feel. One can also ride in the boats and view the corals in the sea.

Sarawak museum

For historical lovers and those who love to get information about archeological features, this is the ideal place to visit. The remains of the people who lived in caves can also be found in this museum. It is quite an interesting place to visit and the learning that one receives here is very exciting.

Kuching waterfall

This is situated along Sawarak River in Kuching. The waterfront is popularly known as the people’s place as it was built for the people of sawarak. The many facilities there for example restaurants, entertainments halls, handicraft shops and the dancing water fountains make it even more exciting to visit.
Sawarak is evidently a great place to visit and one cannot be disappointed. The beautiful sites that Sawarak has to offer make the place worth the visit, which makes you want to go back many more times. The people there are very friendly as well when you visit their village. There would be no good reason for one to be reluctant to visit Sawarak for their holiday getaway.