About Negeri Sembilan

The state of Negeri Sembilan that lies on the southwest coast of Malay Peninsula is very popular among the locals as well as international visitors for its beaches, palaces and nature parks. As a top holiday destination, Negeri Sembilan has excellent accommodation and recreational facilities to take care of the overwhelming number of tourists that flock the state every year.


The Minangkabau people of Sumatra migrated across the Straits of Malacca several centuries ago and settled in Negeri Sembilan somewhere in the 15th century. In the ancient times, Negeri Sembilan did not exist as a unified state that it is today but instead, it existed as a loose confederation of about nine fiefdoms that developed in the isolated valley of the region. These nine fiefdoms were under the rule of the Melaka Sultanate before its downfall in 1511 when the Portuguese captured the region.

After that, the region became under the protection of the Johor Sultanate up to the 18th century when it was now so weak because of the attacks by the Bugis. These attacks actually forced the Manangkabau people to seek help from a prince, Raja Melewar of Pagar Ruyon. In 1773, the prince then announced himself as the first Yam Tuan of the Negeri Sembilan. As a result, all the nine fiefdoms came under his protection and that is how Negeri Sembilan became a unified state.


Traditional food for the Minangkabau people is hot and spicy because they use the chilli padi, which is one of the hottest chillies, as one of the ingredients. Next time you visit Negeri Sembilan state, be sure to try their most popular traditional dishes such as rending, which is simply pieces of beef that have been cooked in coconut milk and hot chillies. Another dish prepared by the unique Minangkabau style of cooking is Masak Lemak Chili Padi, which is just fish, vegetable or beef cooked in coconut milk and then blended with ground chili padi.


People of Minangkabau have their traditional music and musical instruments. Some of their most popular traditional music includes the Caklempong, Bongai, Tumbuk Kalang and Dikir Rebana. In fact, most of their musical instruments bear significance resemblance to their ancestral home, Sumatra.
Some of the popular dances include the Tarian Lilin, Rentak Kuda as well as Tarian Piring and Tarian Randai.

Top attractions

There are many, but we will just look at a few here. Also, do not forget that there are wonderful beaches there. Here are some attractions that you should not miss:

The Army Museum

Port Dickson Army museum is among the best museums in Malaysia. Apart from the 9 galleries, the museum also consist of a number of outdoor displays.

Gunung Telepak Buruk

One of the most beautiful peaks that is located near Jeram Toi Waterfall. It has a reticent height of 269 meters and it offers a very stunning view.

Gunung Angsi

This is a small beautiful mountain, which is located just 20 km from Seremban, the capital of Negeri Sembilan state. It’s actually the best place to unwind from a tiresome journey to Negeri Sembilan or from various activities. It is the home to the Ulu Bendul Recreational Park, which has shady picnic, beautiful streams and BBQ sites. Many people like visiting the park on weekends.